Auto Dealers Get Energy Star Certified


 Planet Subaru

More than 800 automobile dealers nationwide are members of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star Small Business Network, and are implementing cutting-edge technology to cut their energy use by at least 10 percent.

Forty-eight percent of the nation’s energy — including 70 percent of its electricity — is sucked up by buildings, according to the U.S. Green Building Council. Dealerships — with their 24/7 security systems and extensive lighting — tend to devour energy. EPA estimates that if all dealerships reduced their energy consumption by just 10 percent, they would save about $193 million in energy costs and cut more than 1 million tons of greenhouse gases each year.

To achieve this goal, the National Automobile Dealers Association and EPA’s Energy Star Program began an Energy Stewardship Initiative in January 2007 to improve the energy efficiency of dealership facilities and operations across the country.


 Pat Lobb Toyota

This initiative gives dealers the tools to implement a variety of cost-effective retrofit and new construction projects, including energy-efficient lighting, climate controls, and building design.

The Energy Stewardship Initiative challenges dealerships to achieve energy savings of at least 10 percent annually by using the information found at the EPA’s auto dealer Web siteThe Initiative recognizes dealerships that achieve significant annual energy savings.

Three dealerships were among the recipients of Energy Star’s 2007 Small Business and Congregation Awards:

 Pat Lobb Toyota, in McKinney, Texas
 Planet Subaru, in Hanover, Mass.
 Sendell Motors, in Greensburg, Pa.


 Sendell Motors




“These national award winners represent excellence in energy efficiency and are great examples of financial and environmental stewardship,” EPA writes on its Energy Star Web site. In addition, NADA received a 2007 Energy Star Special Award for Excellence in Energy Efficiency from the EPA’s Energy Star program.

The award, recognizing NADA’s success in helping auto dealers improve energy efficiency at their dealerships, was presented by EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson at NADA's annual Washington Conference in September 2007.

“NADA’s commitment to energy efficiency education is unprecedented in our program and serves as a model for others,” said Johnson.

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